24.05.2017     16:00–17:30

ePoster Session 5
Heart and brain



ePoster Session 5
Heart and brain


P 089 Coronary artery blood flow in patients with acute ischemic stroke
Fadi Abo Ahmad (Haifa/Israel)

P 090 Microhemorrhages in the corpus callosum on susceptibility weighted image as anoxic brain injury
Dong Woo Park (Guri/South Korea)

P 091 Comparative analysis of the noninvasive examination methods with angiography in concomitant coronary and carotid artery disease
Rustambek Karimov (Tashkent/Uzbekistan)

P 092 Atrial fibrillation and cognitive impairment – challenge to community nursing care
Jose Luis Clua-Espuny (Barcelona/Spain)

P 093 Serum hepcidin quantification in atherosclerosis
Victor Manolov (Sofia/Bulgaria)

P 094 A retrospective study of tia presentations at a district general hospital – Are we underperforming?  
Ahmeda Ali (Cavan/Ireland)

P 095 Left atrial dysfunction is related to embolic infarct of undetermined source
Ju-Hun Lee (Seoul/South Korea)

P 096 MRI findings in patients after long-term left ventricular assist device implantation
Sho Murase (Suita, Osaka/Japan)

P 097 Idiopathic hypereosinophilic syndrome with Loffler endocarditis revealed by multiple ischemic strokes – two cases report
Humbertijean Lisa (Nancy/France)

P 098 System of real-time non-invasive diagnosis of cerebrovascular autoregulation impairments during cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass and assessment of postoperative deterioration of cognitive functions
Vytautas Petkus (Kaunas/Lithuania)

P 099 Role of nitroxidergic reactions of blood circulation in the development of cognitive disturbances in patients with arterial hypertension complicated with ischemic stroke
Maruf Salokhiddinov (Tashkent/Uzbekistan)

P 100 Profile of patients known to have atrial fibrillation presenting with a stroke in a District General Hospital in the United Kingdom
Josh Deb-Barman (Chester/United Kingdom), Kausik Chatterjee (Chester/United Kingdom)

P 101 Value of the central hemodynamics indices in the clinical picture of transient ischemic attacks
Sherzod Shirmatov (Tashkent/Uzbekistan)

P 102 Prevalence of stroke in patients with heart failure
Elieusa Silva Sampaio (Salvador/Brazil)

P 103 Consecutive carotid and coronary surgery for combined carotid and coronary artery disease in patients with high SYNTAX score
Rustambek Karimov (Tashkent/Uzbekistan)

P 104 Subclinical coronary atherosclerosis in subjects with ischemic stroke caused by cervicocephalic atherothrombosis – preliminary results
Adriana Conforto (São Paulo/Brazil)

P 105 Cardiac myxoma revisited – another cause of transient global amnesia?
Si Baek Lee (Uijeongbu-si/South Korea)

P 106 Heart and brain – when the two meet – a case series
Choon Seong Ng (Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia)

P 107 Self-reported prevalence of stroke compared to cranial tomography in patients with heart failure
Elieusa Silva Sampaio (Salvador/Brazil)

P 108 Risk factors for stroke in subgroups of patients with heart failure
Elieusa Silva Sampaio (Salvador/Brazil)

L 005 Stroke & ECHO – Are we adhering to the RCP stroke guidelines 2016?  
Michael Penn (Newcastle Upon Tyne/United Kingdom)

L 017 Influence of anaesthetic techniques on occurrence of postoperative cognitive dysfunction in elderly patients.
Azizbek Uzokov (Andijan/Uzbekistan)

L 022 Detecting changes in the human brain caused by atrial fibrillation using ultrasound and deep learning
Paul Schmude (Leipzig/Germany)