The programme planner provides you with the entire conference programme at a glance!

Make use of various functions like the daily programme overview, the individual abstract search (tool) and many more!

Optimized for all devices

Whether desktop, tablet or mobile phone, the display adapts to your device and automatically switches to the optimised view.
Find out more about sessions, lectures and the cultural activities – no matter whether you are at work, underway or on-site at the congress!

Track speakers and chairmen

You want to know if a person is involved in other activities?
Just click on the speaker’s/chairman’s name or use the people search tool to find out more about all its related assignments.

Create your own personal congress schedule

You can easily compose your personalised schedule on your personal computer and call it up later on your mobile phone or tablet!
Find all of your activities under 'My schedule'. You can print it and download it via iCal for Outlook, for your Apple- or Google Calendar or you can remove items.


My Congress Schedule

Compose your own congress schedule by simply adding or removing sessions and/or other activities (e.g. presentations).
Bookmarked sessions or activities are stored and can be printed or downloaded via iCal-download.



In order to use your personalised schedule you must register with the programme planner (Please note that this registration is without any reference to your congress registration!). Just click on the 'Register' link top right of the programme planner, enter your password, first name, surname and e-mail to create an user account. You will receive a confirmation to the email address that you provided. By confirming the registration link in the email you will then automatically receive access to the programme planner.

(Note: Your data will not be used otherwise.) 



Registration after successful registration:

Clicking on 'My schedule' (top right of the programme planner) gets you to the User login. Please enter your e-mail and your password to log into the programme planner.


 Sessions and/or activities can be added to 'My schedule' by clicking on the green cart.  

 Sessions and/or activities have already been added to 'My schedule' and can be removed by clicking on this icon.

 Notice of appointment conflicts (time overlap) of  that particular activity with other activities.

The activity has already been bookmarked with no appointment conflicts.

Download your bookmarked sessions and activities to your own calendar. (this can also be done via 'My schedule') 


Bookmarking a session

You have 2 ways to bookmark a session. Go to Program Overview1 and click on the green cart symbol  behind the respective session title or go to Session View2  where you have listed all activities and click on the green cart  behind the session title. By bookmarking a session you automatically save all related activities to this session.


Bookmarking an activity

To bookmark activities, please go to Session View2 and click on the cart  behind the requested activity.


'My schedule'

In 'My schedule' you will get an overview of all your bookmarked sessions and activities. Delete a session from the list by clicking on the recycle bin symbol  behind the session title. Please note that all related and bookmarked program items of this session will be also deleted.
Delete a program item from the list by clicking on the recycle bin symbol  behind the program item. A schedule conflict is marked by a red circle with an exclamation mark . This means that the program item overlaps with another program item. The green circle with check mark  symbolises that the program item was successfully bookmarked without an appointment conflict. By clicking on the iCal icon  you can download your bookmarked session and / or program items to your calendar (Outlook, Smartphone, ...). By clicking the printer icon you can print out your bookmarked session and / or program items.


Remove sessions

You have several options to remove bookmarked sessions, either in the Program Overview1 by clicking the  or in the Session View2 by clicking the  behind the session title (shows the program items). You can also remove a session under 'My schedule' by clicking on the  behind the session title. Please note that if you remove a session you automatically remove all book marked program points of this session.


Remove program items 

You have 2 options to remove program items from your schedule: either by clicking on the  behind the actual program item (in the respective session) or under 'My schedule' by clicking on  behind the respective program item.


Program Overview: lists all sessions


Session View: one session with all program items