Titel: Implementation of a mobile application "Antiinfektiva Leitfaden" in German-speaking countries as an Antibiotic Stewardship (ABS) project
ID: 172/DKMP
Art: ePoster Presentation
Redezeit: 3 min
Session: Postersession 1
Diagnostic Procedures | Diagnostic Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology (StAG DV/FG DKM)

Referent: Christiane Querbach (München/DE)

Abstract - Text

Abstract text (incl. figure legends and references)

The application for mobile devices "Antiinfektiva Leitfaden" is a practical tool at the point of care ensuring appropriate antimicrobial use within the hospital. Our aim is to make this app freely accessible to both internal and external healthcare professionals to augment ABS in German-speaking countries.

At first we obtained a written consent of the intern legal department and data protection department and selected a mobile platform. The app was formatted by a hospital pharmacist without IT support using a fee-based toolbox ( In a subsequent step, existing local guidelines, developed since 2013 by the multi-disciplinary ABS team (including infectious disease specialists, clinical microbiologists, clinical pharmacists, medical specialists) of a University Hospital in Germany, were transferred to the app. The homepage and the app icon were designed by the internal department of corporate communication. To implement it, training of the staff was offered.

Since February 2021 the app is freely available in German language and free of charge in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Until 26th of May 2021 the app was downloaded 1917 times. Once downloaded the app can be used without internet connection. The user interface is intuitive and the handling is self-explaining. All contents are updated regularly.

Information includes:

evidence-based recommendations for empiric antimicrobial treatment for common infections and antimicrobial prophylaxis considering local antibiotic resistance patterns
evidence-based recommendations for standard use of antimicrobials, e.g. dose adjustment in renal insufficiency, renal replacement therapy, liver insufficiency and obesity, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
links to key references, national/international guidelines, institutions
links to training programs
additional documents as PDF-file, e.g. for printing out or customizing
update information regarding pharmacovigilance, critical incidents, recalls
contact details

In our hospital the implementation of the mobile application "Antiinfektiva Leitfaden" was a major step towards digitisation which supports improvement of infectious disease management. Free of charge it provides a more readily access to local antimicrobial guidelines and recommendations for use of antimicrobials, for both internal and external healthcare professionals. Moreover, links to training programs are offered.