24.05.2017     14:00–15:30

ePoster Session 2
Etiology of stroke and risk factors


ePoster Session 2
Etiology of stroke and risk factors

P 021 Red cell distribution width as a prognostic marker of perioperative stroke in patients undergoing cardiac valve surgery
Piotr Duchnowski (Warsawa/Poland)

P 022 High tortuosity of intracranial artery may be associated with high prevalence of intracranial atherosclerosis or aneurysms in Asian patients
BumJoon Kim (Seou/South Korea), Dae-il Chang (Seou/South Korea)

P 023 The dynamics of intracranial, mean arterial and cerebral perfusion pressure by changing the position of the head patients with subarachnoid hemorrhages
Natalia Likholetova (Irkutsk/Russian Federation)

P 024 The association between air pollution exposure and the stroke in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients
Po-Ya Chang (Taipei/Taiwan), Yu-Wei Chang (Hangzhou/China)

P 025 Rare aetiology of stroke – drug abuse
Siham Zahi (Casablanca/Morocco)

P 026 Cluster headache and stroke – rare coincidence or causal relationship?
Samar Abbas (Beirut/Lebanon)

P 027 Revisiting the role of lipids in ischemic stroke
Muhammad Inam Ul Haq (Westcliff-on-Sea/United Kingdom)

P 028 Etiology of haemorrhagic stroke
Nilufar Shavkatova (Tashkent/Uzbekistan)

P 029 Prevalence of extra and intracranial large vessel atherosclerosis in patients with acute ischemic stroke – a hospital based study from Eastern India
Jayanta Roy (Kolkata/India)

P 030 Response to oxidative stress in ischemic stroke complicated with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Gohar Tsakanova (Yerevan/Armenia)

P 031 Predictors of early outcome in the most acute period of ischemic stroke in Kyrgyzstan
Inna Lutsenko (Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan)

P 032 Variation of ischemic stroke risk factors in Asian and white population in Kyrgyzstan – a retrospective multicentral cohort study
Inna Lutsenko (Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan)

P 033 Stroke risk factors in the population of Republic of Moldova : preliminary results
Daniela Efremova (Chisinau/Moldova)

P 034 Role of cerebral perfusion in development of vascular parkinsonism
Dilshoda Akramova (Tashkent/Uzbekistan)

P 035 Connective tissue dysplasia signs in patients with spontaneous cervical artery dissection
M.V. Gubanova (Moscow/Russian Federation)

P 036 MMP-2 values correlated with plaque echogenicity and with its changes during follow-up
Iman Boukrid (Geneva/Switzerland)

P 038 Teenagers knowledge of stroke warning signs and potential risk factors
Elias Sabra (Swansea/United Kingdom), Haya Sabra (Swansea/United Kingdom)

P 039 The VERAcity of an ischemic stroke diagnosis
Maria Maia (Loures/Portugal)

P 040 Time to improve diabetic education – Diabetic patients fail to seek medical attention faster than non-diabetic patients after stroke onset
Rafael García Ruiz (Alcázar de San Juan/Spain)

L 011 Disseminated cerebral amyloid angiopathy manifesting as status epilepticus complicated by rhabdomyolysis and renal failure
Bilel Arfaoui (Tunis/Tunisia)