24.05.2017     14:00–15:30

ePoster Session 3
Interesting and challenging cases



ePoster Session 3
Interesting and challenging cases


P 041 Acute ischemic stroke in Moyamoya disease caused by thyrotoxicosis – a case report
Kang-Seok Kim (Jeonju/South Korea)

P 042 Cerebral amyloid angiopathy related inflammation mimicking transient ischemic attacks – atypical presentation and limitations of gradient echo MRI
Daniela Ceccarelli (Ashford /United Kingdom)

P 043 A stroke of leukaemia
Matthew Devlin (Bristol/United Kingdom)

P 044 Diagnosis and treatment challenges in MELAS syndrome
Saad Abu Saleh (Safed/Israel)

P 045 Recurrent lacunar stroke in a patient with capsular warning syndrome over five years
Claudia Ellen Weber (Mannheim/Germany)

P 046 Thrombolysis for acute ischaemic stroke following primary percutaneous intervention for myocardial infarction
Marissa Hagan (Nottingham/United Kingdom)

P 047 A recurrent stroke stabilization after using novel oral anticoagulant
Jeong Ho Han (Seoul/South Korea)

P 049 Stroke in the young – pontine ischaemia as a manifestation of isolated neurosyphilis
Marc Weihrauch (Ulm/Germany)

P 050 Painless aortic dissection – а rare case of spinal ischemia
Sergey Volkov (Moscow/Russian Federation)

P 051 Cerebral air embolism following haemofiltration line removal
Kausik Chatterjee (Chester/United Kingdom), Madeleine Shakeshaft (Chester/United Kingdom)

P 052 A rare case of corpus callosum infarct in a young patient
Leoni Bennett (Luton/United Kingdom), Saraswati Aryasomayajula (Luton/United Kingdom)

P 053 Convexity subarachnoid hemorrhage due to cardioembolic stroke in a woman with thyrotoxicosis – α case report
Ioanna Spanou (Athens/Greece)

P 054 PLEDs pattern in child with disability and symptomatic epilepsy in the outcome of arterial ischemic stroke
Olga Lvova (Yekaterinburg/Russian Federation)

P 055 Heterotopic ossification  after stroke – about a case and review of literature
Siham Zahi (Casablanca/Morocco)

P 056 Diagnostic challenge in a patient presenting with ischemic stroke and raised inflammatory markers
Bethan Davies (Worthing /United Kingdom)

P 057 Bilateral thalamic strokes secondary to infarction of artery of percheron
Asim Khan (Basildon/United Kingdom)

P 058 Contrast-induced transient cortical blindness following coronary angiography
Alasdair Miller (Bristol/United Kingdom)

P 059 An unexpected post-coital stroke
Frances Rickard (Bristol/United Kingdom), Indira Garaeva (Bristol/United Kingdom)

P 060 Cerebral venous thrombosis – a review of a series of clinical cases, clinical and imaging correlation
Inna Lutsenko (Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan)

P 061 Purpura brain
Matthew Devlin (Bristol/United Kingdom)

P 062 Coarctation of the aorta – an important cause of uncontrolled hypertension in a young patients and rare cause of stroke
Marie Greenhalgh (Manchester/United Kingdom)

P 063 A stroke mimic – a diagnostic conundrum 
Lindsay Jones (Exeter/United Kingdom)

P 064 A run too F.A.S.T.? – case report of cerebral infarction in march haemoglobinuria
Karen Adams (Belfast/United Kingdom)

P 065 Stroke in pregnancy – the difficulties facing the clinician due to vague presentation and unclear pathophysiology
Katherine Heil (Swindon/United Kingdom)

P 066 Posterior circulation infarcts and carotid disease – Is there a correlation?
Puneet Kakar (Epsom/United Kingdom)

P 067 Curative stroke in the setting of essential tremor
Moussa A. Chalah (Créteil/France)

P 068 Anomalous cerebral vasculature causing acute bilateral anterior circulation stroke – a case report
Rabia Nusrat (Southend-on-sea/United Kingdom)

P 069 Multi-territorial netlike vessels with high blood pressure : a scarce etiology of stroke in a young adult of Asian descent
Choon Seong Ng (Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia)

P 070 Postoperative stroke in carotid body tumor resection
Michael Xifaras (Athens/Greece)

P 071 Symptomatic drug-resistant epilepsy in patient with a giant cerebral angioma
Oksana Tarasiuk (Saint Petersburg/Russian Federation)

P 072 Intracranial haemorraghe as the first sign of sarcoidosis
Jessica Fernández-Domínguez (Oviedo/Spain)

L 006 Spontaneous chronic subdural hematoma in young adult : a case report
Diana Mokhammad (Odessa/Ukraine)

L 010 Affection of central nervous system in MELAS syndrome
Olga Smorodska (Sumy/Ukraine)

L 014 Ischaemic stroke following anticoagulant reversal in patients with traumatic intracranial haemorrhage
Joe Cross (Guildford/United Kingdom)