24.03.2021     08:00–19:30

ePoster self study
Intrinsic antiviral defenses
ePoster self study


ePoster self study
Intrinsic antiviral defenses
ePoster self study

P 134 Persistent infection with insect-specific Agua Salud Alphavirus (ASALV) decreases the replication of Semliki Forest Virus and Bunyamwera Virus
Mine Altinli (Hamburg/DE)

P 135 The RNAi response against the mosquito-specific Agua Salud alphavirus
Mayke Leggewie (Hamburg/DE)

P 136 Impact of Staphylococcus aureus small colony variants on human lung epithelial cells with subsequent influenza virus infection
Janine Wilden (Münster/DE)

P 137 Mind the RABGAP1L: a novel antiviral factor restricting influenza A virus
Sonja Fernbach (Zürich/CH)

P 138 ADAR1 has a broad pro-viral activity for different RNA viruses
Kevin Wittwer (Langen/DE)

P 139 Cross-species analysis of cytomegalovirus IE1 protein interactions with cellular restriction factor PML
Franziska Rothemund (Ulm/DE)

P 140 The guanylate-binding protein 1 (GBP1) acts as a restriction factor for the hepatitis C virus (HCV)
Daniela Bender (Langen/DE)

P 141 Salivary extracellular vesicles inhibit Zika virus but not SARS-CoV-2 infection
Carina Conzelmann (Ulm/DE)

P 142 The chromatin-remodeling factor SPOC1 exerts a dual antiviral role at immediate-early and late phases of the human cytomegalovirus replication cycle
Anna Katharina Kuderna (Ulm/DE)

P 143 Tick-borne encephalitis virus hides its replication intermediates from PKR sensing and prevents stress granules formation at early time points
Lais Nascimento Alves (Trieste/IT)

P 144 Evaluation of the antiviral activity of SERINC5 on MLV infectivity
Fabian Kriesel (München/DE)

P 145 Role of TRIM5α variant H43Y in sensing and restriction of LINE-1 elements
Justine Lagisquet (Erlangen/DE)

P 146 HCV infection of authentic target cells initiates transcriptional activation of antiviral responses and repression of the host translational machinery
Richard J.P. Brown (Langen/DE)

P 147 The chromatin-associated DEK is a novel host factor promoting HAdV infection
Julia Mai (Neuherberg/München/DE)

P 148 Modulation of hypoxia pathways during HAdV infection
Sawinee Masser (Hannover/DE)

P 149 Exposure of PBMCs to SARS-CoV-2 induces cell-intrinsic type I interferon responses in and differentiation of monocytes
Julia Kazmierski (Berlin/DE)