Room program summary: Room 1

12:30–13:35 Opening Ceremony
13:35–15:10 Presidential Symposium
17:00–18:30 Industry Satellite Symposium
Medication overuse headache: risk factors, mechanisms and treatment strategies
08:15–09:00 Industry Satellite Symposium
Drivers of decision making in migraine prevention: The global experience
09:15–10:15 Plenary Session 1
Real world and open label experience with new therapies: What we have learned
10:15–11:00 IHS Special Lecture
11:15–11:30 IHS Honorary Membership
11:30–11:55 IHS Headache Science Awards
12:45–13:45 Oral Abstract Presentations 1
14:00–14:45 Greppi Award Lecture
15:15–16:15 Plenary Session 2
Debate: Is precision medicine possible in migraine?
16:30–17:30 Scientific Session 1
Migraine and the vascular system
17:45–19:15 Industry Satellite Symposium
The spectrum of CGRP monoclonal antibody use: Bringing the science to clinical practice
07:30–08:30 Industry Satellite Symposium
Clinical-based migraine treatment approaches in current times
08:45–09:45 Oral Abstract Presentations 3
10:15–11:15 Plenary Session 3
Medication overuse headache
11:30–12:30 IHS Fellowships Lectures
12:45–13:45 Scientific Session 6
Brain localisation of migraine symptoms
14:15–15:15 Open Meeting of IHS Juniors Group
17:15–18:15 Plenary Session 4
Idiopathic intracranial hypertension
18:30–20:00 Industry Satellite Symposium
The evolution of migraine prevention
08:30–10:30 Oral Abstract Presentations of Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials
13:30–14:30 Scientific Session 9
Insights into a better understanding of headache & migraine
14:45–15:45 Scientific Session 11
IHS & EHF guideline session
16:00–16:45 Cephalalgia Award Lecture
16:45–17:45 Plenary Session 5
TACs and facial pain
18:10–18:45 Recognizing Excellence in Migraine Research
A Discussion with Professors Edvinsson, Goadsby, Moskowitz and Olesen
18:45–19:30 Industry Satellite Symposium
Drivers of decision making in migraine prevention: The global experience
08:00–09:00 Scientific Session 13
Coming soon: Innovative ideas to study headache
09:15–10:15 Scientific Session 15
CGRP monoclonal antibodies are disease modifying: A debate
10:30–11:00 Meeting Highlights & Presentation Prizes
11:05–11:15 Closing Ceremony