02.09.2019     14:00–16:00

Poster session MS 1


Poster session MS 1

MS1.P001 Growth feature characterization of laser annealed GeSn films on insulators by EBSD method
Ryo Matsumura (Tsukuba)

MS1.P002 Characterization of selective-area growth (SAG) hetero-structures for quantum computing devices
Elisabetta Maria Fiordaliso (Lyngby)

MS1.P003 On the dislocation inclination and strain in Si-doped GaN
Jonas Weinrich (Berlin)

MS1.P004 In-situ heating experiments: Structural changes and their relation to electrical properties for Ge6Sn2Sb2Te11
Torben Dankwort (Kiel)

MS1.P005 Characterisation of crystalline defects in As-transformed and hot-deformed τ-MnAl alloys using weak-beam dark field imaging
Panpan Zhao (Dresden)

MS1.P006 LTEM and DPC measurements on room temperature magnetic skyrmions in Pt/Co/W and Pt/Co/Tb multilayers
Simon Pöllath (Regensburg)

MS1.P007 Analysis of polar structures in relaxor ferroelectrics with wide temperature ranges of stability
Andy P. Brown (Leeds)

MS1.P008 Interface effects on the ferroelectric polarization in ultrathin PbTiO3 films investigated by ISHG and HAADF imaging
Alexander Vogel (Dübendorf)

MS1.P009 Electron tomography of InGaN/GaN dot-in-a-nanowire structure
Lars Nicolai (Berlin)

MS1.P010 A spectroscopic study on the nature of electron-beam-induced damage in transition metal thiophosphates
Janis Köster (Ulm)

MS1.P011 Microstructural modifications in Josephson junctions created by focused helium ion beam irradiation of Yba2Cu3O7
Maximilian Becker (Reutlingen)

MS1.P012 Analytical TEM investigation of structural changes in electrical stressed 0.25 µm AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
Andreas Graff (Halle)

MS1.P013 Characterization of solution-grown and sputtered Inx(O,S)y Buffer Layers in Cu(In,Ga)Se2-based solar cells by analytical TEM
Xiaowei Jin (Karlsruhe)

MS1.P014 Structure–composition interplay in vanadate perovskite superlattices
Duncan T.L. Alexander (Lausanne)

MS1.P015 Optimization of sample preparation procedure for correlative SEM-CL and TEM study of the luminescence and core structure of freshly introduced dislocations in GaN
Sevastian Shapenkov (Saint-Petersburg)

MS1.P016 Synthesis and characterization of BaCo2Ti2Fe8O19 hexagonal ferrite
William Salazar González (Bogotá)

MS1.P017 Defect structure, optical and structural properties of epitaxial layers of gallium oxide of different polytypes (alpha, betta, epsilon)
Evgeniy Ubyivovk (St. Petersburg)