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Title: Direct FEM parallel-in-time computation of turbulent flow
ID: O91
Type: Abstract
Session: MS17
Advances in numerical methods for weather and climate modelling • Part II

Speaker: Johan Jansson (Stockholm/SE)

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Turbulent flow computation at high Reynolds number is of keyimportance for wind energy. In this seminar we will present anoverview of the Direct FEM methodology for turbulent flow and recentnew developments toward parallel-in-time simulation, a key step foreffectively taking advantage of supercomputers, and with the potentialof enabling fast simulation. Our methodology is based on a piecewiselinear approximation in space and time and with a numericalstabilization in the form of a weighted least squares method based onthe residual, which acts as a parameter-free implicit model of theunresolved subscales. Goal-oriented error estimates based on anadjoint solution automatically optimize the mesh. We investigate thepotential for parallel-in-time methods by analyzing the stability ofthe adjoint, which we use as an indicator of inter-dependence ofpartitions of the time-interval.